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Edison ChenとKevin Poonが、クリエイティブでクールなアイデアを集めて、それらをまとめ、世界に新しいものを見せるということをテーマに2003年に立ち上げたCLOT。同ブランドより2019春夏のLook Bookが到着した。Untitledと名付けられた今季は、様々な場所からインスピレーションを得たコレクションで、パッチワークの遺産、そして東と西をつなぐことをイメージして製作。コレクションには、デニムのセットアップ、フード付きネルシャツ、パッチワークシャツ、ベスト、アメリカの国旗やレオパード、ストライプ、迷彩柄、ドット柄などが落とし込まれたアイテムなどで構成。また、CLOT×Air Force1のコラボレーションに使用された柄が落とし込まれたフーディ、スウェットパンツ、シャツなども登場している。下記よりCLOT 2019SS Look Bookをご覧頂きたい。


CLOT unveiled their Spring Summer 2019 Look Book. CLOT founded in 2003 by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon for gathering creative, cool ideas and put them together. It took inspiration from a range of different places, reflecting CLOT’s own patchwork heritage and the aim to Bridge the East and the West. Called “Untitled,” the
ambiguous title lends to the collection’s varied inspirations and allows wearers their own interpretation of the
collection. CLOT pays homage to its long history, which is reflected in pieces that feature the East-meets-West ethos, the brand’s ties to the streetwear world and early Japanese influences which can be seen through dragon and American flag graphics, the CLOT Silk Royale pattern (made with 100% silk), hidden CLOT branding and
made-in-Japan pieces. Tying the graphics together is a “spiritual mind” theme, one that has long been a part of
CLOT’s identity. Following CLOTTEE by CLOT’s Winter collection called “Self Love,” these graphics celebrate
the mind, body and soul with a 108 motif, a significant and sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism.
The visual campaigns reflect the meshed nature of “Untitled,” with different visuals for different parts of the
collection. The first two campaigns focus on the East-meets-West theme (shot by Andrew Lau), while the other
on mind, body and soul (shot by Samuel Fung). Check out CLOT 2019ss Look Book.


Pics Via,CLOT