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ConverseよりChuck Taylorを再構築したモデルReconstructed Chuck Taylor 70を発売することが明らかになった。同モデルは、異なるカラーのCT70を組み合わせたデザインが特徴的な一足。Converse Reconstructed CT70はSlam JamのPop Upで4/13発売、その後Slam Jamの店舗、そしてOnlineにて4/15発売。


Slam Jam has unveiled Converse Chuck 70 Reconstructed. They combined different color of Chuck Taylor. They will release on  April 13th at c/o Converse Studio 70 pop-up store powered by Slamjam (via San Vittore al Teatro 3, Milan). Open until 14 April, from 10.30 am to 10 pm. Available online and in store as of April 15th.




Pics Via,Slamjam