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川久保玲氏が手掛けるComme des GarconsがHOMME DELUX, SHIRT, PLAYなどに続く18番目の新ラインを展開することがわかった。新レーベルは、DSMのCEO Adrian Joffによるとメンズとウィメンズを展開、オンラインベースでデザインはシンプルなものになるとのこと。7月のオンラインでのリリース後、世界中の6店舗にて展開されるとのこと。また、情報が入り次第更新いたします。




・CDG Online



Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons will release first online based brand this summer. The new brand will be 18th diffusion label and it includes man and women. According to WWD interview DSM’s CEO Adrian Joe said new line will be a simple and after online releasing they will be available in six locations. Stay tuned for more updates.

Comme des Garçons new brand released in Japan at DSMG and CDG stores. It called CDG and more affordable than other brand. Surprisingly they released ASSC collaboration. CDG will be available in July.(Updates April 27th)

CDG releasing on October 27th atCOMME des GARÇONS (Hong Kong, and Seoul) and CDG retail spaces at DSM Beijing, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore.CDG online shopwill open on November 1st.(Updates October 26th)

CDG opening first flagship store on April 3rd in Marunouchi Japan. They will pre release upcoming items below.(Updates March 31st)

CDG new items available now at their store and Online.(Updates August 6th)



Pics Via,Fshionsnap.com